Iron, an indispensable material for technological and cultural evolution, has been linked to the history of human life, omnipresent in industrial and domestic life, today it is still a commonly used material. Fully involved in our day to day, iron often goes unnoticed, not so much for Cristina, who does appreciate it, feels its beauty and attributes it personality: for her, iron strength is sensual, its function is sublime, even erotic.

The Fierro series, made in Spain, has the same character of so many common traditional iron elements that coexist with us in interiors and architecture in silence, with elegance, doing their job, “holding the nerve”.

Not only the strength of iron elements is attractive, but also the human effort behind manufacturing, a fact that brings nobility both to the process and the final piece. The expertise of the artisan José Sebastiá Sanjuán is essential to build the chair, day bed and basket from iron bars, without taking into account exact measurements, without any fear, and when necessary, with strong hammer blows.

The Fierro Chair.