Cristina's first series of iron sculptures "Demonds," delves into the intricacies of human nature, particularly the neurotic, hyperactive, and desiring minds that persistently pursue freedom and desires despite limitations. She draws inspiration from the logarithmic Bernoulli marvelous spiral, emphasizing the beauty of perpetual repetition and Nietzsche's concept of eternal return, which she considers the essence of life in terms of will, desire, creation, and growth. Capturing strength, motion, and tension, this first curved iron pieces of Cristina celebrate the unwavering drive for boundless growth and the perpetual yet contradictory and erratic evolution in human life.

Leviatán I. Curved iron and blended metal wire.

Leviatán II. Curved iron and blended metal wire.

Lucifer. Curved iron and blended metal wire.

Perisas. Detail artisanal metal sunflower.

Detail work in of curved iron tubes and twisted metal wire.

For over eight years, Cristina has collaborated with the master craftsmen at Sebastiá Sanjuan wrought iron craftsmanship house. Working closely with Pepe Sanjuan and his son, they have guided her in adapting traditional craftsmanship to her contemporary ideas. Cristina's iron sculptures combine traditional Mediterranean artistic forging techniques with modern concepts. She uses bent hollow iron tubes and braided wire, shaped through cold-forging and natural metal bending. Traditional spirals are crafted using in-house tools, employing human strength and welding for the finishing touches.

Artisanal tools used to work wrought iron.

Cristina at Sebastiá’s iron workshop with iron sculpture.